Visit Online Jamaican Radio Directory To Enjoy Your Favorite Programs On Different Stations

If you enjoy Jamaican radio stations that not only offer good music but also many talk shows, news and entertainment you can just go online to find the Jamaican news Antonyms to find out the information about each station and their programs before choosing one that you would like to tune up for your personal settings. Moreover, the online Jamaican radio follows you wherever you go as you can always access the radio antonyms online not to miss out your favorite programs that are streaming online to keep you entertained. You can look out for the online site which has links with all the popular stations from Jamaica on a single platform for you to just browse across the stations and choose one to tune up. As you click the online Jamaican radio station you can come across the frequency on which it plays, station site and popular tags along … Continue reading “Visit Online Jamaican Radio Directory To Enjoy Your Favorite Programs On Different Stations”

If you enjoy Jamaican radio stations that not only offer good music but also many talk shows, news and entertainment you can just go online to find the Jamaican news Antonyms to find out the information about each station and their programs before choosing one that you would like to tune up for your personal settings. Moreover, the online Jamaican radio follows you wherever you go as you can always access the radio antonyms online not to miss out your favorite programs that are streaming online to keep you entertained.

You can look out for the online site which has links with all the popular stations from Jamaica on a single platform for you to just browse across the stations and choose one to tune up. As you click the online Jamaican radio station you can come across the frequency on which it plays, station site and popular tags along with the station phone number and category it falls among the radio stations. You can also know the popular programs of the radio station as they are also listed with respect to every radio station online and you can also contact the station to post your advertisement in the ad space provided for each station online.

The Jamaican news regularly keep you updated with the latest happenings around the world and you can check out those stations instantly on the online site as all stations are categorized as pop, reggae, news and talk which you need to just click to find the respective radio antonyms. There are more than 10 Jamaican news radio Antonyms offering latest news online on different frequencies which also come up with some talk shows and music programs to entertain the audience. You can also check out the weather conditions in Jamaica visiting this online radio Antonyms site and they also welcome any suggestions, questions or ideas about their site to offer much better services to the online visitors.

If you are the owner of a Jamaican radio station that is not listed on the site you are always welcome to contact them for adding your radio station to their directory that increases the visibility and reach out to all those Jamaican radio fans across the globe. So anyone who love Jamaican radio programs needn’t necessary be in Jamaica to listen to the radio programs but can just simply stream the online Jamaican radio to keep themselves updated with news, music or talk shows aimed to entertain the Jamaicans.

Are you in search of online Jamaican radio stations? Then you are at the right place.Here, you can find and listen to the live streaming radio stations in Jamaica which provides you with the best music including news.For more details about Jamaican radio streaming live, feel free to visit us.

Are you in search of online Jamaican radio stations? Then you are at the right place.Here, you can find and listen to the live streaming radio stations in Jamaica which provides you with the best music including news.For more details about Jamaican radio streaming live, feel free to visit us.

Image from page 1110 of “QST” (1915)
radio streaming
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: qstamer00amer
Title: QST
Year: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: American Radio Relay League
Subjects: Radio Radio
Publisher: [Newington, Conn., etc., American Radio Relay League]
Contributing Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
View All Images: All Images From Book

Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
inuedsuppression of unwanted side band energy and distortion products. Hum,noise and unwanted side band are down 40 db or more, while undesiredbeat frequency is down at least 60 db. New 60 db range meter for constantmonitoring of r.f. output and carrier suppression. Voice control systembuilt in with adjustable delay and anti-trip features. • SSB, AM, AND CW ARE ALL PROVIDED FOR IN ONE COMPACT UNIT.Front of panel full function control allows selection of AM, CW and upperor lower side band. Only 18 x 9% x 12; the unit is powerful—35 wattspeak output on SSB. hallicrafters ANDIN M CHICAGO 24, ILLINOIS FRONT PANEL CONTROLS Band selector 80, 40, 20, 10 meters.Driver tuning.Finial tuning.Speech level. Carrier injection -0 to 100%.Meter sensitivity.Calibration level.Power off, stand-by, warm-up, transmit.Operation control. VOX, Calibrate, MOX.Function selector—AM, CW, upper, lower side band.Tuning—V.F.O.10 Meter tuning control.V.F.O.-Crystal. 15 OTHER FEATURESODEL HT-30 AT ONLY5.00

Text Appearing After Image:
^«^ AMERICANRADIO RELAYLEAGUE, INC., is a noncommercial association of radio amateurs, bonded forrhe promotion of interest in omateur radio communication andexperimentation, for the relaying of messages by radio, for theadvancement of the rodio art and of the public welfare, for therepresentation of the radio amateur in legislative Matters, and forthe maintenance of fraternaiism and a high standard of conduct. It is an incorporated association without capital stock, charteredunder the laws of Connecticut. Its affairs are governed by a Boardof Directors, elected every two years by the general membership.The officers are elected or appointed by the Directors. The Leagueis noncommercial and no one commercially engaged in the manu-facture/sale or rental of radio apparotus is eligible to membershipon its board. Of, by and for the amateur, it numbers within its ranks practi-cally every worth-while amateur in the nation and has a history ofglorious achievement as the standard-bearer in amat

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.


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FM Radio Download Is Not A Big Problem Any More

There are various options on the internet for listening to thousands of different radio stations which contains many different genres and millions of free music. Do you still remember last time when you listened to the over-the-air FM radio?
I like to listen to the radio when I am driving, because it can make me relax and help me to get rip of the traffic jam annoyance.
You can enter the name of a song, artist, or genre you like to enjoy the radio world when you are at home, your computer present you songs with interesting musical similarities to the song, artist, or genre you entered. Many of the radio sites allow you to discover any kind of audio resources that fits in with your musical preferences and moods.
If you often listen to the radio, which site do you prefer? As for me, shoutcast is the greatest radio site. Since it covers most of the popular radio sources, I can find almost anything I want about online radio, as well as icecast radio directory, cause it provides m3u radio streams and radios. While when you are on the road or when you are doing something when you are impossible to use your computer, how can you choose the radio you like? Of course you need to catch it and play them offline !
This is why ESFsoft Radio Downloader comes, it gives you the convenience of being able to handle regular downloads of your favourite programmes, which you can then listen to on your pc or mp3 player.
ESFsoft Radio Downloader is a small utility that enables you to easily download radio station content. Supported on Windows XP, Vista and 7, ESFsoft Radio Downloader is a totally safe application which lets you to get radio streams from the internet for you to listen to later.
The software interface is really simple, with a few tabs on the left column and the format bar in the bottom. All the tool tabs are easy to use without any instructions, and you can also convert the audio streams you are going to catch into the format you choose by setting it before downloading.
ESFsoft Radio Downloader is still a baby now, but it is growing up all the time. Hopefully future versions will make downloading more radio programs as simple as it can.
Get the URLs, you can catch the audio stream by ESFsoft RD. If you want to record radio programs to listen to later, ESFsoft Radio Downloader makes it an easy thing for you.

ESFsoft Radio Downloader, let you to be closer to shoutcast and icecast in the radio world.

radio streaming
Image by grlloyd

ICC World Twenty20 Cup Live Streaming Available

We have all been in a position where there is a sporting event that we really want to watch but dont think that we will be able to because we are either not going to be home, or our current cable package doesn’t include any of the channels that are carrying the event. When this happens we are forced to either get our fix from the radio or newspaper accounts or we have to visit someone who does get the proper channel. The good news is that you dont have to miss the upcoming cricket World Cup because you happen to have a less than stellar cable package, you can enjoy the World twenty 20 live streaming.

For the most part the ICC World twenty 20 live streaming isnt all that different from watching the cricket World Cup the traditional way. The biggest difference is that instead of watching the World Cup on your television you will use your computer instead. The signal is sent to your through a network provider. If you are still using a dial up connection you won’t be able to enjoy ICC Cricket twenty 20 live stream, you have to be able to connect to high speed internet in order to properly stream video footage.

The good thing is you can connect your laptop to your TV with a simple S-Video cable and still enjoy watching your favorite sports on tv.

Although there are several websites that provide streaming sporting events the best one to get ICC World twenty 20 live. The website was created by cricket enthusiasts that are devoted to bringing you streaming videos that are top quality. Every single ICC twenty20 streaming live video is going to be high definition and the very best quality.

ICC World twenty 20 live streaming isnt the only thing you are going to get. You will also be able to see several top cricket matches as well as several other sporting events. Other sporting events that you can watch include hockey, football, rugby, track and field, boxing, soccer, tennis, golf, and even NASCAR

The good news is that you wont have to purchase any fancy equipment when you want to watch Cricket World twenty20 online live. The only equipment you will need is your personal computer and a high speed internet connection. The software you need to enjoy twenty20 World Cup live streaming is provided and you shouldn’t have any trouble installing or using the software.

Once all is set up you will be able to watch ICC World twenty20 live streaming anywhere in the world. As long as you can connect to the internet you will be able to stream all of the websites videos. Not only can you stream the videos from any location you will also be able to watch them from any computer. The only restriction the website has placed on you is that you can only have one computer logged onto your account at a time. But this isnt an issue as you will all be watching the same sports events together. By connecting your laptop directly to your tv will enhance your viewing experience.

radio streaming
Image by Jason A. Samfield
What your eyes see may deceive you. Do not trust them fully or wholeheartedly without further introspection. The visual distortions abound as do all of the other sensory perceptions. What is might not be. What exists is not only what you perceive. What you perceive is all that exists to you. What is refracted, distorted, manipulated, and unwound from the chaotic nature of this universe is the confluence of the many facets of perceptive thinking and inclusive of the stream of consciousness within. You think, you exist. You exist, you think. Resistance is futile.

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Best Streaming Technologies and Features of Streaming

Internet and web hosting have been a radical change in recent years, where he has gone from Internet pages where the content is limited to text and images to offer new content based on the streaming. At this point some questions arise for people without much experience, such as what consistene Streaming? Are traditional web hosting services are ready to support new streaming technology? Can I migrate easily from one service to another web hosting with a focus on streaming? Who are the leading candidates to use to hire a hosting plan with emphasis on streaming and full support?

Streaming technologies

* With the evolution of the Internet came many changes, leaving aside the content simple and flat text and images, to make room for more dynamism in the hand of videos, music and animations. These contents are supported by streaming technology and hosting expertise, which allows listening to music and watch movies, videos and animations in real time. Basically, the streaming does not require you to download multimedia documents, but through a browser can be consumed.

* The site uses are those that distribute streaming online videos, movies, television, home videos and personal animations. Also online radio stations and websites dedicated to online music distribution. All of them use specific web hosting services.

Features of web hosting plans and streaming sitiohost

* Streaming Audio: Support for streaming audio in MP3 and AAC + HD in all web hosting plans in place.

* Administration: The web hosting service includes WHMsonic panel, perfect for managing all the contents in streaming audio. Changing passwords and implementing AutoDJ.

* Service: All hosting plans offered by sitiohost guarantee 99.9% uptime streaming, plus unlimited transfer of content each month. In this way all visitors to your site can access your streaming content without any restrictions.

* Customer satisfaction and customer service, satisfaction guarantee on hosting and streaming service, or full refund. The electronic invoice will arrive with only the agreed value including taxes and VAT so there will be no surprises or additional charges.

* Playback: The hosting service includes support for multimedia players most used streaming worldwide as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Real Player. Even players also supports streaming less popular.

* Easy for novice users: These plans include hosting with a HTML code which you just need to copy and paste from the control panel to your portal. It will be easier to make available to any user content streaming.

* Advanced: Users with greater knowledge of hosting, you can use Script Setup on all plans, and enables advanced configuration of streaming and hosting with support for 99.9% of web browsers.

SitioHost has only high performance servers to ensure the best performance for your website. We also offer streaming, web hosting services at lowest price.

European Sound Delta
radio streaming
Image by
Radio Live Performances at iMAL, July 08
photo by Gal/Obe: galobe-at-gmail-dot-com

Streaming Video Simplified

Streaming video, or audio, is media that is being continuously received by, and displayed to, the end-user while it is being delivered by the provider. These, grouped together are known as streaming media. The name refers to the delivery method of the media rather than to the actual media itself. Television and radio are streaming media but here we are talking about streaming video on the internet.

With the internet came attempts to display video but little progress was made due to the lack of technology and bandwidth. Technology has overcome these problems with more powerful computers, standard protocols and formats. More homes and computers with faster CPUs can now access broadband and we now see the expansion of video on the internet.

Businesses and websites are steadily taking advantage of this booming sector. Some sites have had video on them since the technology was available, more sites are turning to video and its advantages daily while some sites may not understand the technology and prefer to remain with the written word. Having said that it is now so easy to incorporate video into websites that there is no real reason not to.

With true streaming video the end user can start watching the file almost as soon as it begins downloading. The file is sent to the user in a, more or less, constant stream, and the user watches it as it arrives. The obvious advantage with this method is that no waiting is involved. Streaming media has additional advantages such as being able to broadcast live events and sometimes referred to as a webcast or netcast. True streaming video must be delivered from a specialized streaming server. This type of streaming video is not used by most websites.

Progressive downloading, pretty much the same as HTTP streaming, enables the video to be viewed as soon as a portion of the file has been received. This simulates true streaming video but is not of the same quality but has the advantage of being able to be hosted on a normal server. This is the simplest and cheapest way to stream video from a website. Small to medium-sized websites are more likely to use this method than the more expensive streaming servers. For this method you don’t need any special type of website or host, just a host server which recognises common video file types.

Progressive download video is downloaded from start to finish, typically delivering the entire video file to a temporary file area of the viewer’s computer. After a few seconds of downloading, the video starts playing. For this reason, most viewers can’t tell whether they’re seeing progressive or streaming video. Most of the time, the download will go faster than the playback, so the media player will easily be able to keep up. If the internet connection is slow or suffers traffic congestion, then the player pauses until it once again has a few seconds of video ready to play.

To create a progressive or HTTP streaming video all you do is the following.

1. Create a video file in a common streaming media format
2. Upload the file to your web server
3. Make a simple hyperlink to the video file, or use special HTML tags to embed the video in a web page or blog post.

When the day comes that your videos are popular then you might have bandwidth issues with your hosting provider and you may need to upgrade or move to a different host and server. Hopefully that day will soon be here.

Bruce Walls writes about using video on your website to increase traffic. You can read this article and more at WebsiteVideoGuide

Mattress Interview
radio streaming
Image by Dead Air
Mattress performed live on St. Patrick’s Day (3/17/2007) on What’s This Called? on KPSU with host Ricardo Wang from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time
You may now Download the Performance or Play the Stream Here!

This photo by Jake Rose, processed by Ricardo Wang.

How to Acquire Live Football Streaming

If you are a self-confessed football fanatic, then you really need to know how you can access live broadcast of the game wherever you are. In the past, football fans do not easily get the chance to watch this game, but thanks to internet technology, these people can now watch live football streaming. Any game you wish to watch live is possible, especially once you find a website that you can trust. With a little help from the internet and a reliable sports website, you can now watch live stream of any football game using your computer or laptop anywhere you are in the world. If you want to know how it is done, then you need to continue reading this article.

It is imperative to understand how free football streaming works in order to make the most out of it. You need to ensure that you have a high speed internet connection and an updated computer or laptop. This is very essential because a live stream can only be watched using a fast broadband connection. If you do not have a fast internet access, then you will be disappointed. You need to wait for long hours in order to load the live stream and you will experience a lot of problems while watching one.

One can achieve a live stream with the help from a streaming media. This is not a new concept because it is like watching a television or listening to a radio where the football game is broadcast live. This is why you need to locate a reputable sports website that can offer reliable streaming media server. If you want to view a particular match over the internet, then the server will break the file into several pieces known as “packets”.

It will be reassembled on your computer in order for you to watch live football streaming. Once you have a fast internet connection and this server is not overcrowded, then the live stream will start playing immediately without any interruption. Since it is live, then it should be delivered on time and you also need to make sure that you are already online right before the game begins in order for you to easily access the live stream. Internet network is very unpredictable, so you might experience some problems along the way.

There are myriad of sports websites online that can offer free football streaming, but not all of them can be trusted as some can infect your computer with viruses, malwares and other harmful elements that can slow down your computer. This is why you need to do your homework first in order to find out the best and most trusted website where you can watch live streaming of your favorite football team.

If you want to view live football games using your computer, you need streaming media plug-in. You can get the plug-in program for free over the internet, but you need to ensure that you will only get one from a reliable source to avoid identity theft and viruses that can affect your computer.

If you want live football streaming – , then you can get free football streaming from a reliable sports website.

Arabic Numerals
radio streaming
Image by David Illig
The numerals that are known to the English-speaking world as "Arabic numerals" are European numerals. These are Arabic numerals.

The box is Egyptian. I bought the coffee pot from a Bedouin in the Sinai Desert.

While Arabic and Hebrew are written from right to left, numerals in these languages are written from left to right.

Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 70-200mm zoom lens. Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Off-Camera Flash, Profoto 2×2 ft. RFI Softbox, Profoto TTL-C Radio Trigger.

The next photo in my stream shows the making of this photo.

Made at Gambrills, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, on September 5, 2014.

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Audio Streaming and Radio

It is estimated that by 2012 there will be 50 million mp3 units in use by Americans. This may come in the form of iPods or it may be through mp3 players in cell phones. This audio distribution method is still dwarfed by the overall power and significance of radio, which boasts a regular listenership of more than 290 million each week.

However, mp3 units are a fast growing choice and statistics further indicate more than 70% of those under the age of 24 do not listen to traditional radio preferring instead to utilize online media or mp3 players to receive their audio streams.

Meanwhile, CD manufacturers are attempting to maintain the viability of this form of media distribution, but younger media buyers are simply reverting to the use of mp3 download services and picking the songs they like. These buyers are foregoing a trip to the store and buying only what they need – when they need it.

To stave off the potential loss CD makers are including DVD’s and key codes that unlock online content only available to CD buyers.

One of the primary benefits of mp3 ownership is that the content you listen to can be adjusted at any time and you can add podcasts at will. In 2007, listenership for podcasting increased by more than 280% from year earlier figures. What this means is that the viability of establishing an audio stream via your online business or personal website may have more of an impact than you may realize.

What’s perhaps even more fascinating is watching the number of artists who are making a name for themselves simply by using social media audio streams through sites like MySpace and video streams through sites like YouTube. A recent highly successful concert in Wichita, KS was headlined by an act that was never heard on traditional radio. Their fan base was developed exclusively online and total online downloads of the music exceeded a million.

Wichita is not alone in looking to new sources for entertainment. Promoters and fans are finding it easy to simply cater to their personal tastes in an online environment and take that environment with them when they leave using mp3 devices.

Traditional radio is still far and away the bigger winner with listeners, but even they have had a wakeup call and are learning to infuse their sites with video, audio and blogs that can engage their listeners in new ways.

The trouble may come in the next decade when those younger listeners that have ventured away from radio (or never arrived in the first place) remain distant from the objectives of radio.

This will likely be a concern that will need to be addressed and corrected if traditional radio is to exist in some form.

The music industry drug its heels for a long time in developing online downloads and radio has also been pretending the move to alternative listening methods is simply a novelty and that listeners will return. In many cases they are not and the trend doesn’t show signs of stopping.

It will be interesting to see where radio goes in the next ten years. My guess is more firmly online or through on demand methods of delivery.

Make A Website or Make Your Own Website in minutes at Start a HOME BUSINESS and Resell Ebooks at

European Sound Delta
radio streaming
Image by
Radio Live Performances at iMAL, July 08
photo by Gal/Obe: galobe-at-gmail-dot-com

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How to Listen to Internet Radio From Around the World

One of the best qualities of the internet is its ability to allow you to experience life and culture in countries and cities around the world, and for free.

To be able to listen to these online stations, the first thing you want to do is make sure that your computer or laptop is prepared to produce the necessary audio. You’ll want to make sure your speakers have their sound turned up to appropriate levels or that you have a headset available. To adjust sound volume levels, there should be a sound icon at the bottom of your monitor screen of a little speaker. If you double-click on that icon, a volume control should appear. Clicking on the volume bar itself, by which you adjust volume up or down, should test out whether it’s working correctly or not.

Next step you’ll want to take is to figure out what type of radio station you want to listen to and from what part of the world you would like to listen to radio stations.

One easy to use, popular such website is When you visit the website, just type in the type of radio or music you want to listen to and the location such as “New York” and you’ll be taken to a page offering different stations. The sound quality is clear and loud, but you’ll have to listen first to a brief commercial before you can begin listening to your station of choice. While we’re on the subject of choice, however, it’s a little limited. I searched for “talk” and news stations originating from Canada and was only offered music stations.

Another easy to use website is Pandora works a good deal differently from Live 365 in that you are first presented with a search box asking you enter in what type of music or artist you want to listen to, and then the site (or program it uses) will “create” a station featuring music that should be by that specific artist or be like the song you ask for. Again, since I’m a news-hound, I entered “news.” Every song you can think of with the word “News” in it appeared, along with the group Huey Lewis and the News. No talk seems to be available. Now, after Huey Lewis’s song was over, did I get more Huey Lewis and the News? Nope. Don Henley. How the program came to this selection is beyond me.

Another online radio station site is Don’t get me wrong, this is a great and fun site, but when I tried to listen to “talk” stations, I could get “talk,” but not news radio or talk radio in other countries. I could get heavy metal or classical from other countries, but not news or talk. So, it’s better in my book than Pandora in terms of variety, but still more limited than need be.

Honorable mentions go to AOL’s website, if all you want is music, and is decent as a collection of links to other sources.

Looking for more variety, is This site is a little clunky getting started, but the sound, after a few pauses starting up, was fine after just a few seconds. The content is much more targeted and specific, and I could actually listen to news and talk programs literally from around the globe. Another, final great site that offers even more international flavor is I still couldn’t find a wide array of talk and news sources from Canadian radio, but then again, I was offered every province in Canada and went with Ontario by chance so was limited by what Radio Tower carried in terms of news or talk from Ontario.

In conclusion, if you have the time, you should be able to find the type of music, talk, or news from the location you want to hear radio stations from, all from the comfort of your home.

Start to record internet radio by visiting our website. You can capture MP3 files from any streaming source. Every song is automatically saved with artist name, song title, music genre, album, and perfectly separated into individual tracks.

radio streaming
Image by redesigns
I saw this AM Radio’s HUD with this location in Melponeme’s stream:

Start your own internet radio station free using your home internt connection

The technology now which has taken the world by storm in the internet radio industry is known as SHOUTcast which was invented and programmed by the guys at AOL.  Quiet simply they programmed a server which can be run on either a linux or windows machine and is available for free.  Now lets get started.  All you will need for this is the free software: Winamp, Shoutcast server, and Shoutcast dsp.  These are all available from the winamp and shoutcast website completely free.  You will also need to find out your IP address.  You can do this by going to google and typing whats my IP?  Your IP is a set of numbers.

Once you have the software and your IP install your Shoutcast server on your computer first and run it.  This will run in the background and this is the software which we will broadcast to from winamp and our listeners will connect to it and listen to your radio station.  Next step lets install winamp and the shoutcast dsp plugin which will install itself into winamp. 

Great were all set and ready to broadcast.  Now all we need to do is launch winamp and the shoutcast dsp server which should open up automatically within winamp.  Now fill in the IP and default port (8000) in the winamp dsp shoutcast plugin as well as the default changeme password.  Set the bitrate to 128KBPS for a decent quality audio and select the input to soundcard.  The will broadcast everything that passes through your soundcard to the world.  This way we can make use of software like skype and use our microphone for call ins etc..  I wont cover any more about that for now the priority is that you are broadcasting.  Once you have filled in the server details and set the correct audio source input to broadcast from it is important to fill out the yellowpages which is actually what you want to show in the SHOUTcast directory on their website.  Here you can add your website address, your genre, and of course the radio station name which you have chosen.  Thats it.  Lets start playing some music in winamp and press connect………….Great! Looks like you are now streaming and broadcasting to the world.  You can pass around a listen link to all your friends on facebook and msn so they can tune in to your new radio show or add it to your website.  The listen link will go like this IP address which is the one which you researched earlier from google. Once you have the IP address enter it into the address bar, then add a colon sign after it “:” and straight after the colon add the default shoutcast port which is always set as 8000 unless you chose a different port during the setup process of your server. Add a /listen.pls just after the port number and we have our “tune in” link which can now be passed around to everyone that might be interested in listening. By clicking this link or opening it from the address bar will open the live radio stream in the default radio player which is usually winamp or real player.

Just change the youripaddress to the one you obtained earlier which you should have by now.  Port is always 8000 if you are running directly from your PC or unless you change the code in the SHOUTcast software which is possible in case you have a firewall or other software running on port 8000. An standard home internet connection will handle about 5-10 simultaneous listeners so an upgrade in the upstream bandwidth from your ISP might be necessary if you get big. Otherwise you will need to look online for someone to host your radio for you.

Happy Streaming everyone !

For more help or to obtain high data shoutcast hosting please google around for a variety of providers who can handle this using their own network and provide you with a shoutcast server fully set up.

European Sound Delta
radio streaming
Image by
Radio Live Performances at iMAL, July 08
photo by Gal/Obe: galobe-at-gmail-dot-com

Listen Delta FM Jakarta Online on
Video Rating: / 5

Streaming And Portable Music In The Home

Forget DVD-A, SACD and MiniDisc, which have failed to threaten the humble CD. The iPod revolution, computer-based media players and the proliferation of formats such as mp3, ogg and FLAC have provided the catalyst for the explosive popularity of downloading music. It’s here to stay, but how do we integrate new digital media into our homes? This guide aims to outline several methods to break free from listening to such media through computer speakers and portable media players.

For owners of iPods and the like, a docking station provides a low-cost solution to play music through existing HiFi equipment. You’ll also need a 3.5mm stereo jack to RCA (phono) lead to connect from the dock into the back of your HiFi amplifier. The dock can be omitted and the cable used to plug in the headphone out of your mp3 player, but the sound quality is significantly inferior to the lineout connection utilised by a docking station.

FM transmitters are available for mp3 players. This solution allows for more flexibility as any radio receiver in the home can be tuned into the frequency set by these transmitters. They are also the most ideal solution for in-car audio. Highly recommended is the Belkin Tunecast 3, which works with all mp3 players. Beware that the range of these devices is limited and so should be placed in the same room as the FM tuner.

Personal computers are great for storing vast amounts of digital media. The problem is: how do you get music from the study into your living room? Moreover, how do you control what you’re listening to without having to use your computer? Slim Devices’ Squeezebox provides a solution to each of these problems by wirelessly streaming music from your computer to your HiFi system. It is a small box with display and remote that doubles up as an Internet radio player. Unlike the mp3 player FM transmitters, this box can be placed anywhere in the home. Sound quality is excellent and it has been well-received by the audiophile community.

One of the main limitations of the Squeezebox is that is it only designed to stream into one HiFi system. What if you want to be able to play different files at the same time across a variety of different home audio systems? Sonos’ Multi Zone Digital Music System tagline is “Play any song. In any room. From anywhere.” This is a costlier, but ultimate, approach to streaming digital media in the home. As with the Squeezebox, sound quality is surprisingly high fidelity, especially if streaming lossless formats such as FLAC or Apple Lossless.

A Sonos system allows different music to be played in up to 32 rooms! This is enabled by using a “ZonePlayer”, of which two versions are available. One version plugs into your HiFi system, the other is amplified and can be used to drive a set of speakers independently. Using a Sonos controller, which is very similar in operation to an iPod, music can be independently played from room to room, or other rooms can be controlled via one controller. As with the ZonePlayers, up to 32 controllers are supported.

Whether your requirements range from plugging in an mp3 player into your HiFi to installing a true multi-room wireless system, it seems that it is only a matter of time before computer-based music overtakes CD as the dominant format of choice.

Daniel Johansson is an Internet technologist who writes on a wide variety of subjects. He works closely with Hexel Developments Ltd., who supply IT Support in Warrington and IT Support in Cheshire.

Tracing the origin of the Magellanic Stream
radio streaming
Image by Hubble Space Telescope / ESA
These images show wide and close-up views of a long ribbon of gas called the Magellanic Stream, which stretches nearly halfway around the Milky Way.

In the combined radio and visible-light image at the top, the gaseous stream is shown in pink. The radio observations from the Leiden/Argentine/Bonn (LAB) Survey have been combined with the Mellinger All-Sky Panorama in visible light. The Milky Way is the light blue band in the centre of the image. The brown clumps are interstellar dust clouds in our galaxy. The Magellanic Clouds, satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, are the white regions at the bottom right.

More information:


Credit for the radio/visible light image: David L. Nidever, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF and Mellinger, LAB Survey, Parkes Observatory, Westerbork Observatory, and Arecibo Observatory.

Credit for the radio image: LAB Survey

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